Major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) have long become powerful players on the political scene. …

Ray Dalio recently published an article about his thoughts on Bitcoin and its prospects. I should say that for me, as a blockchain enthusiast, it’s inspiring to see how more and more people from the world of finance recognize the technology and its potential. From that article, I also see…

Part 1 that covers the problem of the scarce supply is here.

Satoshi Nakamoto created a truly groundbreaking concept of the first fully decentralized and independent payment system. Its design, however, wasn’t flawless and there were some inherent problems that didn’t allow the platform to become what it was conceived.

Part 2 that covers the problem of reward distribution is here.


There are plenty of discussions over the web concerning the future of Bitcoin as an actual medium of exchange instead of a speculative asset. People try to forecast when the world will adopt it as a payment method. …

Dmitriy Petryakov

Liberdyne/Dynemix team

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